Services & Industires

Consumer Facing

Consumer facing (B2C, C2C) retail and media companies. ​Deep experience in e-commerce platforms and two two-sided marketplaces. 

Expertise in B2C crowdfunding, particularly in the area of Hardware and Consumer Tech


Economic Development Impacts (EDImpacts) 

is a strategic advisory firm serving clients seeking  growth in the complex and fast-paced world of global e-commerce.

Double Bottom Line

Special affinity for companies looking to deliver both financial as well as social and/or environmental returns.

Focus on stakeholder, along with shareholder, returns.

Blockchain / Crypto

Diving into the blockchain revolution and advising companies looking at how distributed ledger technology & token economics can transform old industries and create new ones.

Strategy / Operations

Expertise includes global strategy , international operations, entrepreneurship, financial planning, market assessment, business development & team building.

Advisory / Investment

Founder and entrepreneur, Wald, is an advisor to and angel investor in several start-ups around the globe.